Ready to Launch?

After struggling to make my own ideas into reality, I'm working on sharing a path anyone can follow for their own startup or small business.

Since then I've joined forces with fellow Tri-Citizens who feel the same. We've put on learning events for 4 years and I want you in the first event of 2017 for FREE!

It's called Launch Pad and will be at Fuse Coworking in Richland on Thursday, February 9th. Sign up now for FREE to come and see.

And don't worry, it's NOT my evil plan to get rich off you. Tri-Cities Launch is run by volunteers who just want to see more new ideas in Tri-Cities.

Join us and let's make it happen together.

Erik Ralston

WSU Class of 2006

Lead Organizer, Tri-Cities Launch

Chief Software Architect, LiveTiles

It was an enriching experience to say the least; my favorite part was learning different entrepreneur’s perspectives pertaining to the different aspects of a business.
— Shelby Reid, Launch Alum
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 Launch Weekend 2016

Launch Weekend 2016


About Fuse

Tri-Cities Launch is Powered by Fuse SPC - the only coworking space in Tri-Cities - and represents Fuse's commitment to bringing together ideas, abilities and resources in a coworking community environment that supports growth and champions enthusiasm.