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Local Opportunity Starts With YOU!

No matter you skill, passion, or vision for Tri-Cities, there is a place for you at Launch Weekend. So many possibilities exist in this community, but only if we can bring them all together in one place, at one time, and let them mix vigorously.

❤️ We've been able to cut our price from $250 to just $99 dollars with the help of 16 sponsoring organizations from around Tri-Cities ❤️ 

Please Join Us!


No One Should Be Left Out!

Despite subsidized pricing and 50% off for students, we recognize price will still be a barrier for some folks. We're working hard to bring in as many folks as possible, in defiance of economics. Just fill out this form for consideration in one of our scholarship slots:

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It was an enriching experience to say the least; my favorite part was learning different entrepreneur’s perspectives pertaining to the different aspects of a business.
— Shelby Reid, Launch Alum