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As a community over the last four years, we have accomplished:

  • 14 Big Events With Countless Small Ones
  • Over 100 Companies Launched
  • Over 478 People Inspired & Encouraged

Will you be next? 



We're working hard to bring in as many folks as possible, in defiance of economics. If price is still a barrier for you, please fill this form for consider for scholarship.

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It was an enriching experience to say the least; my favorite part was learning different entrepreneur’s perspectives pertaining to the different aspects of a business.
— Shelby Reid, Launch Alum

Be a Part of Something

Tri-Cities Launch is powered by volunteers from many companies, ensuring your get the highest quality mentoring from diverse perspectives. We've spent the last four years developing events and programs to inspire and encourage people to build their dreams.

Tri-Cities Launch is risk-free and can be fully-refunded any time - up to seven days before the event, due to catering commitment. We know you're busy and life happens. We've never failed to give a participant an unforgettable time that pushed their comfort zone and grew their abilities, so we know you'll be satisfied with your time with us.

This experience will open new doors and connect you with new people. Whether you're a first time entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran, the skills you invest in with this program will pay off over time - along with joining a great network of alumni and mentors.