Are you ready to Launch?

How do you turn a good idea into a great team?

This year we've convinced our community partners, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and Washington State University (WSU) to open up their invention vaults and let us peek inside their great ideas.

We've curated technologies that tap into millions in R&D and huge possibilities for building a business, focusing on opportunities where a local scientist needs a local entrepreneur to really make something happen. We now challenge our community:

What would you do with these cutting-edge technologies?

It's a whole new blueprint for collaboration. Armed with these new technologies, we're asking teams to sit down and make a "go to market" plan for these big ideas at our revamped "Launch Challenge" event series:

Launch Pad will turn an eager crowd into an idea factory through "Design Thinking". In three hours, teams will define a problem, empathize with an avatar of their customer, then put pen to paper to sort through all the possibilities. Launch Pad will be held May 3rd at Fuse.

Launch Bootcamp will prepare weekend participants for tackling the challenges of business in just 54 hours. From organizing your thoughts on paper by Friday to tactics and tips working through Sunday, Bootcamp will compress a lot of the concepts originally shared by "Launch University" in 4 weeks into one four hour session. Launch Bootcamp will be held May 16th at Fuse.

Launch Weekend will offer an unforgettable, three-day business challenge where participants form teams and work on prototyping and testing their big idea. We'll have seven full meals, a MentorShop full of coaches, and a once-in-a-lifetime set of prize packages for three top winners. Launch Weekend will be held May 18th - 20th at WSU Tri-Cities.