Business Make You Feel Lost?

Have an idea?

Considering a change?

Then Tri-Cities Launch is here to help. We have designed a life-changing series of events - presented by Fuse Coworking in Richland, WA - that brings together people and resources to innovate technology, community, and culture.

You might be looking to start something, test an idea, meet people, or are simply curious about entrepreneurship.  Launch is designed for people of all experience levels to turn ideas into reality. To convert wantrepreneurs into entrepreneurs, cheerleaders into participants, and advocates into resources and mentors. Ultimately, we will make cool things and save humanity.


A Trajectory to Success

Launch is unforgettable. Whatever your skill level, launch will push you to the next level. It unfolds through a sequence of events.

Launch Pad is one night designed to inspire, motivate, and activate participation from entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and advocates in Tri-Cities Launch and the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Launch University: Ideation is a 4 week workshop series that turns big ideas into actionable plans. Entry-level and seasoned entrepreneurs alike will quickly prototype and validate new ideas through hands-on learning.

Launch Weekend is an intense 54-hour team making, team building, event.  Designed to partner people and resources around ideas to facilitate teams necessary to execute on a go-to-market strategy.

Launch University: Startup is an advanced multi-week program to grow CEOs and companies who have successfully validated ideas.  It takes CEOs and Companies to the next level by providing them education and access to resources that will help them perfect strategy and create and grow revenue and market share.

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Success Stories

Tri-Cities Launch has been the proving ground for a variety of ideas from apps to fitness gurus and everything in-between. Here are a few of our biggest success stories:

Solar Spirits

“Saving the world, one drink at a time.” Solar Spirits distillery utilizes renewable solar energy to reduce environmental impact. Solar Spirits formed at the very first weekend event.



Inspire terror and awe in Dragon, the first open-world action RPG that lets you experience the world through the eyes of a dragon. Dragon took flight in 2014 with our second weekend event.

These events take ideas and turn them into a real business opportunity. The right business idea is no good if the right people don’t hear it. These events get the right people together to build teams around the right ideas.
— Chad Zink, Launch Alum