Take a Crash Course Before You Launch

You have a new idea, but you don't how to make it reality. We've created the only exploration series in Tri-Cities focused on fostering new ideas into actionable plan in less than 30 days.

Launch University: Ideation will prepare your idea - and you - for the next step. You'll join fellow future founders in a group setting - learning together about how to elaborate on each of your ideas.



Advancing over four weeks, each class is a new topic:

Business Model

7PM Nov 9th

Begin by defining a plan for your idea in one fast-paced brainstorm

Market Opportunity

7PM Nov 16th

Take your plan and define the people yearning for your new idea

Pitching & Speaking

7PM Nov 30th

Master the elevator and slide-driven pitch 

Founder   101

7PM Dec 7th

Pioneer beyond Launch with a glimpse toward your next step

Pitch Dinner

6PM Thursday, December 14th

Celebrate and inebriate in preparation for you final challenge! After honing your idea for four weeks, present your business in a lightning pitch - just 2 minutes - in front of a panel of professionals that will advise you on how to proceed.

It was an enriching experience to say the least; my favorite part was learning different entrepreneur’s perspectives pertaining to the different aspects of a business.
— Shelby Reid, Launch Alum