Diversity in Goals & Roles

We believe we need every kind of person to succeed and you - yes, you - have a role to play that best utilizes your experience, advantage, and inclination. These can be thought of as jobs or personality-types combining into unstoppable teams.

Understanding roles helps everyone work together by giving everyone a common vocabulary about who they are and what they need. There are ten entrepreneurial ecosystem roles, along with the "catch all" role of Supporter.


Bold and imaginitive, the Founder is someone who starts a business - potentially as a set of "co-founders". They might also be a Visionary, but not necessarily. They lead the community and should connect across all roles.


Inspiring and perceptive, the Visionary sees an opportunity to improve the world. They often realize they need a fellow Founders and Creators to push their idea forward and rely on Mentors to guide their way.


Innovative and skilled, Creators are the experts that work hard to turn ideas into reality. Founders rely on the specialized skills of Creators to produce, distribute, and market their big ideas - making them reality.


Practical and driven, Operators excel at organizing and holding others accountable. A wise Founder should seek out an Operator if they lack the core business skills that these skilled executives provide.


Altruistic and sociable, an Organizer provides the time and planning for events that engage the entire entrepreneurial stack. Organizers rely on Sponsors to provide the means for community success.


Charismatic and outgoing, the Connector is someone who knows a lot of people and strives to build relationships between the right people. They find people across all roles and fit them together to find the best teams.


Experienced and enthusiastic, the Mentor is willing to share their history and skills one-on-one or in group settings. They primarily help shape ideas of Visionaries, but also buttress skills across Creators, Operators, Organizers, and Founders.


Knowledgeable and outspoken, Educators focus on providing the expertise for one-to-many learning opportunities - within and without institutions. They should seek out Organizers to help with logistics and fundraising for these events.


Adventurous and risk-aware, Investors provide the capital businesses need to start or grow. They seek out the best Founders and visionaries, commonly making excellent Mentors as well.


Optimistic and generous, Sponsors provide resources to execute life-changing events. Sponsors should seek out Organizers who can turn their resources into activity.



Caring and patient, Supporters are folks who are behind-the-scenes in the lives of every participant.

If you feel you're "none of the above", but you're doing the really hard work of volunteering for events or staying home while your significant other follows their dream, then you are a Supporter.

❤ We could not make this happen without you